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Jon Excell reports.

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Of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the only one still standing. The m-high prism of about two million giant limestone slabs, many of them weighing up to 70 tonnes, has been the subject of almost unequalled analysis throughout the ages but the great structure is yet to yield up its biggest secret: how it was built.

Numerous theories have been put forward. Some believe it was constructed using either a straight or spiral external ramp that was raised as the construction proceeded. Others have suggested the blocks were hauled into place ucl virtual trading floor long levers.

Some have even claimed extra-terrestrials had a hand in the design. All agree that most theories pose more questions than they answer. Last month, however, in an announcement that has divided the academic community, French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin revealed a compelling new hypothesis that the Great Pyramid was built from the inside out.

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In an unusual departure from the archaeological techniques usually deployed by Egyptologists, he arrived at his theory with the help of engineering software typically used to design cars and aircraft. Houdin believes that a smaller, long, straight ramp consisting of two carriageways was used to build up to the 43m mark of the pyramid about 73 per cent of its volume.


Then the frontal ramp was systematically dismantled and the blocks that formed it used to complete the upper part of the pyramid through a ramp that spirals around the inside of the structure. To put his theory to the test, Houdin teamed up with industrial software giant Dassault Systemesdeveloper of a suite of software tools that are claimed to be behind the design of almost 70 per cent of the cars on the road.

Until now, he said, everyone who has tried to explain the construction of the pyramids has worked in 2D. In what must be a first for archaeology, Houdin even visited strongman competitions in the south of France where he gathered data that he used to integrate human mannequins into his simulation.

Secrets of a lost world

Richard Breitner, a Dassault Systemes engineer who has been working with Houdin on the project, explained how by using Delmia, a software tool typically used to shave seconds off manufacturing processes, the simulation also made it possible to figure opțiune binară r broker american exactly how long the construction of the pyramid took.

Asked whether the team had considered applying its sophisticated techniques to the existing construction theories, Breitner was dismissive. He was equally scathing about the external ramp theory, claiming that the heavy stones would have caused it to collapse.

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To solve the riddle, the team employed finite element analysis FEA software. As each ceiling was added to the computer model, nothing happened.

Referenţi ştiinţifici: Prof. Laurențiu Rădvan Prof. În plan secund: facsimile după surse patrimoniale din colecțiile Bibliotecii Academiei Române, Cabinetul de manuscrise Arhiva Al.

However, when the team simulated a southern wall collapse, which they knew had happened, ucl virtual trading floor appeared in the virtual pyramid that exactly matched those on the real structure. The team believes this explanation could help confirm the construction theory, as it suspects the southern wall collapse may have been triggered when the external ramp, which would have been in place for about 14 years, was removed.

This, said Breitner, could be the subject of a future simulation. Houdin claims to have the backing of numerous Egyptologists and scientists and is now writing a book on his work with Long Island University Egyptology Prof Bob Briar.

However, not everyone is convinced. Houdin is undaunted and believes ucl virtual trading floor theory is given greater credence by the discoveries of a team of French experts who visited the Great Pyramid in to look for hidden chambers using a technique known as microgravimetry. This technology can be used to measure the density of sub-surface features by detecting minute variations in gravity on the ground surface.

While the French team did not find what they were looking for, they did uncover an unusual anomaly: a strange, low-density spiral structure rising through the inside of ucl virtual trading floor pyramid. He now hopes to use a range of similar, non-destructive techniques to verify his theory. He also hopes topul de criptomonede de investit use powerful thermal cameras to detect tiny differences in temperature over the face of the pyramid, claiming the presence of an internal ramp will leave a thermal signature courtesy of the cooling voids behind certain blocks.

The advantage of this technique, he said, is that you do not even have to be close to the pyramid to use it. While all these techniques have been used individually before, Houdin believes this will be the first time they have been used together as a package and will be key to verifying his theory.

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But cutting through the red tape is likely to be a laborious process. Dated between BC, the Odyssey is one of the oldest texts in Western literature. The story centres on the Greek hero Odysseus and his journey ucl virtual trading floor to Ithaca after the fall of Troy.

Acta Musei, VI.

The location of the island of Ithaca described in the story has baffled researchers for almost 3, years. However, in a group of UK academics proposed a radical alternative: that this confusion has occurred not because of geographical errors by the poet but because of geological changes in the landscape that have occurred in the last 3, years.

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The team has proposed that the ancient island of Ithaca described by Homer is, in fact, now the western peninsula of Kefalonia and that dramatic geological events in the past 2, years led to the formation of a land bridge in an area now known as the Thalia valley. Last month, the team announced it had joined up with Dutch geophysical prospecting company Fugro.

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The group will begin by building an accurate terrain map of the existing surface using a high-resolution light detection and ranging Lidar system. This airborne mapping technique, which uses a laser to measure the distance between the aircraft and the ground, is popular in the oil and gas industry.

Thomson said Fugro has also used the system to map and measure drooping powerlines to help reduce the loss of energy into the ground. He also expects to use airborne electromagnetic mapping technology to get an overall impression of the near surface structure of the ground and determine the types of material in place where the channel might have been.

After this, the group will begin using land-based techniques that provide even higher resolution images of the sub-surface geology. Thomson explained that ucl virtual trading floor detailed image of the area in question will enable the group to drill a series of boreholes that will be used to take samples of rock and carry out downhole geophysics, where different sensors will be used to determine what sort of structures are evident in the vicinity of the holes.

Underhill is excited about the opportunities offered by this range of technologies.

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For Underhill, the blend of technology and antiquity is an irresistible formula. Sidebar: How technology solved more historical riddles Archaeologists used space-based imaging technology to locate the lost city of Ubar in The fabled Arabian trading post — described by Lawrence of Arabia as the Atlantis of the sands — was, according to legend, swallowed up by the desert in AD The researchers found the city by tracing ancient desert roads detected in pictures taken from space.

These tracks, which were identified as old caravan routes, led a team of archaeologists to a remote area in southern Oman, where excavations uncovered a large octagonal fortress. They also uncovered artefacts from around the world, which led them to conclude they had indeed uncovered the long-lost settlement.


More recently, scientists and researchers used modern scanning techniques to discover the secret of a mysterious device found in a Roman shipwreck. The purpose of the so-called Antikythera mechanism, found off the Greek island of the same name inhas baffled scientists since its discovery.

Last year members of the Anglo-Greek team probed the 2,year-old machine using a range of advanced imaging techniques and discovered that it was, in fact, an ancient analogue computer designed to model and display astronomical cycles. Related Articles.