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    Année de publication : chapitre Coral reefs: research methods Edited by D. Stoddart and R. JohannesThe designations employed and the presentation of the material in this work do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of Unesco concerning the legal status of any country or territory, or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitations of the frontiers of any country or territory.

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    Determination of photosynthetic pigments in sea-water 2. Zooplankton sampling 3. A guide to the measurement of marine primary production under some special conditions 4.

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    Zooplankton fixation and preservation 5. Coral reefs: research methodsPreface The wealth and diversity of the fauna and flora found profit trailer bot cripto container and around coral reefs makes these areas a fascinating subject for research. However, the complex nature of the reef environment renders it particularly susceptible to external influence, which is often deleterious.

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    From the earliest times, atolls and other coastal coral reef formations have been used for recreation, as a source of food and of material for crafts. This situation, however, is changing rapidly.

    Protection of coral reefs is becoming increasingly difficult because the areas in which they are found, particularly near the coast, are used as sites for tourism, industry and resource exploitation. Already in the Red Sea area coral reefs have been threatened by oil spills; in the Caribbean, spear fishing has been so intensive that the larger reef fishes have almost disappeared; and in other areas, similar encroachments have been made by man.

    Despite the tranzacționare instant bitcoin research which has been carried out on coral reef communities, human in- fluence on this environment is proceeding faster than our understanding of the ecological changes that are taking place.

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    To encourage the scientific community to accelerate research in this area, Unesco is developing a programme of international co-operation with the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research and the International Association of Biological Oceanography.

    As a first step, the present volume, fifth in the series of Monographs on Oceanographic Methodology, has been published to assist scientists in their understanding of the basic techniques required for research on the quantitative ecology of coral reefs and to recommend those methods which have proven most effective.

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    Unesco expresses its thanks to the editors, D. Johannes, for their expertise and guidance in bringing this text to print. The scientific opinions expressed in this work are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of Unesco.

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    Equipment and materials noted in the text are given as examples of those most currently used during the experimental Vphase of SCOR Working Group 35 and their inclusion does not imply that they should be considered as preferable to others available at that time or developed since. Stoddart 3 1.

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    Descriptive reef terminology D. Stoddart 5 2. Mapping reefs and islands D. Stoddart 17 3. Aerial photography and other remote sensing techniques 23 D. Hopley 4. Photogrammetry of reef environments by helium balloon K. Riitzler 45 5.

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    Mechanical analysis of reef sediments D. Stoddart 53 profit trailer bot cripto container. Shallow core drilling B. Thorn 67 7. A hand-operated submersible drill for coring reef substrata I. Macintyre 75 8.

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    Radiometric dating of coral reefs 81 J. Chappell; B. Thorn and H. Polach 9. Techniques for the measurement of sea level around atolls D. Pugh 93 A platform as a base for coral reef studies S. Head and R. Stoddart Data collection and recording J. Sinclair and S. Lomas Zonation of rocky intertidal surfaces J. Taylor Visual surveys of large areas of coral reefs R. Kenchington Quantitative benthic ecology of Tulear reefs Michel Pichon Application of phytosociologic methods G. Scheer Plotless and transect methods Y.

    Loya Problems of measuring and mapping coral colonies Michel Pichon A simulation study of coral reef survey methods R. Kinzie III and R. Snider Non-colonial cryptofauna P. Hutchings Soft-bottom communities B.

    Thomassin Sponges in coral reefs K. Riitzler Coral-associated Nemertina E. Kirsteuer Collection and sampling of reef fishes B. Russell, F. Talbot, G. Profit trailer bot cripto container and B. Johannes Measurement of water volume transport for flow studies J.

    Maragos Productivity measurements of coral reefs in flowing water J. Marsh, Jr. Smith Measurement and interpretation of photosynthesis and respiration in reef corals L. McCloskey, D. Wethey and J. Porter

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    • Alkalinity depletion to estimate the calcification of coral reefs in flowing waters
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